Sep 17, 2016

[Road Less Traveled] Biduk-Biduk, Borneo's Nose Tip Paradise

[Road Less Traveled]
Biduk-Biduk, Pesona Desa Pesisir di "Ujung Hidung" Kalimantan

Early morning view just across from where I stay

The female receptionist looked a bit shocked and surprised when she looked at me. She smiled friendly shortly after and welcomed me in her pinky hostel. Then she explained about her confused that it's such once in a while to have a guest in these hours, around 3 p.m.

Si mbak resepsionis terlihat agak kaget dan heran ketika ia melihat saya. Tidak lama kemudian ia pun tersenyum ramah menyambut kedatangan saya di penginapannya yang bernuansa merah muda. Rasa herannya bukanlah tanpa alasan, ia menjelaskan bahwa tumben sekali ada tamu yang datang jam segini, sekitar jam 3 sore.

Mar 8, 2016

Hokkaido "The Winter Wonderland": Northernmost Island Through the Lens

Kindle ebook version is now available on Amazon

After a long time enough this blog was abandoned without any new posts, now I feel quite relieved because in this post I able to announce the latest news about a project that I'm working on recently. Maybe some of you have read the articles in this blog which tell my journey in Hokkaido during winter. Some of them were curious and wondered every things about the island which located in the northernmost of Japan.

Started from: which destinations we will visit to; what we can find; what activities that we can do; how cold is in there; how thick the snow it has; and many more. As if the island is still holding tons of enticing mysteries in there which is not widely known. 

Oct 6, 2015

Hokkaido: Asahiyama Zoo, The Northernmost & The Most Innovative Zoo in Japan

At first, I didn't set any high expectation to a trip to the zoo. My mind has told me, this could be just like a cliche sightseeing. To witness displayed animals as caged objects, not living beings much like an art museum.

Until I saw penguins walked in front of my eyes, experienced being close to polar bear as their prey, intrigued by "flying" (swimming) penguin gorgeously above head, and startled to see a snow leopard passing above my head. The concept of "behavioral enrichment" of Asahiyama Zoo core's philosophy had forced me to pull my own words.

Aug 27, 2015

Hokkaido: See How Japan Introduces Its Freezing World

Sounkyo Hyobaku Matsuri from high
*Scratch, scratch...*

A scratching sound continuously comes from the right side of the van. There is no life for mosquitoes in here, obviously... The sound comes from me scratching a dewy window pane. Wait, do you think what the hell am I doing?!
Yes, I was too busy to wipe the haze away from the inside of window.

The warm temperature inside the van creates moisture on windows. It wasn't just normal moisture like usual, anyway (surely for Indonesian). Condensed vapor turned into thin ice layer, since the weather were so freezing outside. What a thing!

It's been about 4 hours since we left the last city, Abashiri. And now, we were heading to next destination, a small town or likely I can call it a resort village of Sounkyo in Daisetsuzan National Park. There was no sign of our destination until the sun had hidden itself. Well, nothing could be more fun than doing such ridiculous thing of scratching frosty windows!

*Scratch, scratch...*

Jul 9, 2015

Hokkaido: The Famous Small Station of the North

Facade of Kitahama Station
I really didn't comprehend and a bit confused at first. Why this small building which similar to a security post could become a highly sought-after destination for some tourists, as said by our local guide, Yoshie-san. The facade looked quite old but pretty decent, stands adjacent to the Sea of Okhotsk. A rusty blue signpost above the entrance door described a name, 北浜駅 Kitahama-eki (Kitahama Station).

This station was not always crowded as that day. Some travel vans parked at the front yard indicated there were group of tourists who already inside the building. Actually, it was just an ordinary small train station. There are some similar building like this along the coastline. But, Kitahama station is the most in demand by the tourists for some reason.

We entered into a tiny main room (waiting room) of the station with its size, maybe about 5x5 meters. And we found something peculiar with our sight.....