Mar 30, 2015

[Road Less Traveled] Hokkaido: Cute Little Monster and Drift Ice from Abashiri

Frozen Lake Abashiri
Suddenly the staff (guide) handed over a warm blue wet towel for us after she explained briefly about the drift ice. I didn't know what she talked about since it's in Japanese, until she told us to see a digital thermometer before the museum tour began. I was sure it showed the temperature inside the room right before our eyes which the temperature was in -16°C. At first, I thought she gave the towel to keep our hands warm inside the simulation room. Then, she asked us to perform a little experiment. We swung the towel continuously in the air and within seconds it became like a cracker chip. Hory shitto!

A few hours earlier.....

After a night stay at a resort beside the scenic beauty of frozen Lake Akan, that morning we headed to Abashiri. This city is located far enough to the north at the Sea of Okhotsk coastline which took about 2,5 hours car driving. Just like in Kushiro, since it's winter, the well-known Hokkaido farmland turned into a vast white land. With just a few cars passed by and no one seen along the trip, the roads seemed deserted. From left to right the roads looked similar. For some reason I confused about the direction and wondered if we only traveled in a circle. Even our driver, Kihirato-san followed a guidance from smartphone maps.

Mar 2, 2015

[VIDEO] Hokkaido Trip: Let's Report Japan!!

Visit Japan is one of my biggest dream since I was a child. I remember when I used to know Japan only for modern country and as the king of world's technology; land of video game; land of anime and comic; even Doraemon's home. However, following the major development of information about this cherry blossom's country tourism via every media. Now everyone know if Japan is a country with such abundant cultures and local traditions. Where the traditional culture can get along well and balanced with its modern culture.

One thing that makes me want to visit Japan is the nature. Because for me personally, nature travel always provides better experience than just travel in the big cities. Especially if you can witness and feel something that doesn't exist in your home country. It's cool, isn't it? Therefore, since back then I always intended to visit Hokkaido. Anyway if I get chance to go to Japan, it has to be Hokkaido first :)