Apr 30, 2015

[Road Less Traveled] Hokkaido: Soup of Freedom and the Prison Break of Japan

Abashiri Prison Museum aerial view in summer
Hokkaido, the northernmost major island in Japan, was nearly a no-man's-land over decades ago. At the northeast of the island, lies a dark history of Japan development.

Truthfully, I didn't know a lot about the city of Abashiri. But I believed this port city has some things interesting to offer, until I found myself stood in front of enormous arched red-brick gate. That historic-looking architecture with 2 posts guarding at both sides is the main entrance to the Abashiri Prison Museum. With the curiosity calling me to know more about Japan's hidden history, it would be best to dig up some stories from the Meiji period here. Surely, Abashiri was able to provide a unique experience of visiting the jail museum.