Jun 11, 2014

[Road Less Traveled] Bawean: The Self-Dependent "Virgin"

Sandy island of Noko
Huh?! Bawean? Is it kinda a cake? Where can I buy it? Obviously, there are still many who don't know if it is an island called Bawean. It is not yet so famous for the newbies which make the nature of this island is still preserved. Surely, I felt so lucky to be one of the tourists who have visited here.

As far as my sights toward to the horizon, all I can see is clear blue sky; the blue Sea of Java; and some of small islands covered in green. The small motorboat which I rode on was in maximum speed. I just couldn't wait to run the chance of having my footprints onto the "little paradise" called Noko Island. If I recalled my struggle to reach this place a couple hours ago, I believed everything has been paid off by the magnificent view of Bawean Island.

A couple hours ago...

Sensation of having 12 hours inside the Kertajaya train has passed. Now, I have to get on board a ferry Gresik-Bawean at 9:00 PM. Subairi (Riri), Bawean local guide accompanied me, and also Benny and Anton from Surabaya will be my companion along the trip.

Bawean is just a small island in the middle Sea of Java, precisely at the north of Gresik. The island which still "virgin" interest me to be explored. My visit this time not only a mere enjoy the landscape, but to explore, dig up some infos and find out local traditions. Certainly, Riri will be bombarded with a lot of questions from me.